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ESEA for Labour Endorsement

Updated: Jan 7

Dear Candidate,

Congratulations on putting yourself forward for selection to be a Labour MP.

One of the key aims of East and South East Asians (ESEA) for Labour is the representation of our communities in Parliament, and we thank you for working towards increasing our visibility.

Seeking endorsement

In readiness for your selection process, we appreciate that you will be seeking formal or informal endorsement from our society to demonstrate your commitment and wider support.

With this in mind, please make note of the following process:

  1. Application form: Candidates seeking endorsement must submit a completed online application form. We advise that this is done as early as possible, ideally before applications for the seat officially open. Forms submitted after applications close will generally not be considered.

  2. Sifting: ESEA reserves the right to endorse more than one candidate in the same seat, and may also choose to invite you to an interview to discuss your answers in further depth.

  3. Executive Committee: Once all forms and interviews (where required) for your seat are complete, the Review Panel will forward their recommendations to the Executive Committee for agreement and final sign off.

  4. Receive endorsement: You will be contacted by email with confirmation of your endorsement request once the official race timetable has been released. If successful, you will be entitled to publicise our support across all of your literature and communications. At this time, you will also have access to the ESEA network for additional campaigning support.

Additional notes

  1. You must be a member of ESEA for Labour to receive any type of endorsement.

  2. Please ensure that you have read through this document before emailing us.

  3. Please take time to complete your application in as much detail as possible, as this will form the main basis of our judgement and any subsequent interviews, where required. If you have any questions regarding the form, please contact

  4. We review these at the beginning of every month, so please keep this in mind for your selection timelines, as we will not guarantee an expedited review in between. You will not receive communications in between this time, so please be aware of this and keep a record of your application.

Affiliation (for formal nomination).

Please note that this does not apply to the accelerated selections cycle.

For a nomination to be formally recognised at the longlisting and shortlisting stages, ESEA for Labour must be affiliated to your CLP prior to December 31st of the year preceding the selection. Please let us know if you would like us to arrange affiliation.

Without affiliation, we can still informally endorse your selection (i.e. you can publicise that we support your selection).

How we will support you

If you are successfully endorsed by ESEA for Labour, depending on the type of endorsement you receive, you will have access to the following:

  • Campaigning support via ESEA for Labour members

  • Special mention at all ESEA for Labour events

  • Ability to share your experiences as a candidate via our ESEA newsletter and blog

  • Potential to connect to a wider network of support

Long-term support

In the event that you are not successful in securing endorsement this time, please continue to engage with our society. We would happily connect you with other friendly ESEAs in Labour, advise you on political involvement, and support you if you want to run in any subsequent elections.

Best of luck!

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